Vehicular Accident Reconstuctions


Typical Included Elements

  • Police Accident Reports
  • Reconstruction Expert Reports
  • Eyewitness Reports & Statements
  • In-Car Data Recorder Information

Animation Segment Categories

 Reconstruction :   An animated reconstruction of  an event or accident as it actually occurred. This is typically based on the  findings and opinions of our clinet's experts and can be thought of as a visualization of an expert's opinions.

Simulation :    An animated representation of how an event or accident would NOT have occurred had the other driver or litigant done something differently. i.e. Have been driving slower; Made a complete stop at an intersection; Not been tailgating; Constructed a better signage or guard rail system etc.

Counter-Animation :    When the opposing litigant's version or theory of the event is flawed it can often be effectively discredited by creating a reconstruction that's based on their very own flawed data. Therein visually demonstrating to the jury how it could not have happened as claimed by opposing counsel.


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