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Eyewitness Animations was formed in 1989 as a litigation support firm dedicated to bringing "State of the Art" Graphic and Animation technology to the legal and engineering communities. Its primary service has been the reconstruction of crime scenes and accidents through the use of computer generated 3D graphics and animation. 

Eyewitness Animations is particularly unique in its expertise in aviation and aviation accident reconstruction.  That expertise is the result of the vast practical experience of its staff and management in the areas of aviation, aviation accident investigation and aviation law. This experience spans nearly 50 years and represents tens of thousands of actual flight hours in general aviation, commercial and military aircraft.

Our vast experience in crime scene reconstruction dates back to 1992 when we produced the first forensic animation to be admitted as evidence in criminal court in the state of Florida and only the third time in the nation. That case, State of Florida vs. Kenneth Pierce, also resulted in the first appellate level decision upholding the admissibility of an animated reconstruction in a criminal court case in the nation.

Our services also include:

  • Digital Photo Imaging and enhancement.

  • Forensic Video and Audio editing utilizing the latest in digital non-linear editing equipment and software.

  • Fully interactive HD video conference capabilities with document sharing. What this means to our clients is the elimination of  costly travel time and expense in order to meet with case experts and clients regardless of their physical location.

Since our opening in 1989 we have served  the animation and imaging needs of government agencies, corporations and law firms throughout the United States and Canada.


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"Since 2003, the Environmental Enforcement Section at the Department of Justice has contracted with Eyewitness Animations, under the direction of Jack Suchocki, to provide demonstrative exhibits for use at trial in six major enforcement cases. As is evident from our continued relationship with Eyewitness Animations, we have been extremely pleased with the services and products provided by the company."

- James A Lofton, Senior Counsel, United States Dept. of Justice


"THANK YOU for the very excellent work on this case. Because of your animation, we were able to show the Plaintiff in this case that she had a share in liability. The case settled yesterday at mediation, and the Plaintiif's attorney stated that he did not think the case would have resolved without the animation. EXCELLENT WORK!!"

- Diana Hammond, AIC
Commercial Litigation Specialist,
Nationwide Insurance Company


"There is no question in my mind that one of the most significant reasons for the acquittal was the computer animation prepared by your firm"

- Robert C. Gottlieb, Esq., New York, N.Y.


"The animation is the only piece of evidence that ties all of the other evidence together and presents a comprehensive picture of the crash and activity occurring prior to the crash. Certainly the animation contributed largely to the judge's decision to not dismiss the vehicular homicide count and to the defendant's decision to enter a plea thereto."

- Assistant State Attorney, Charles A. Tabscot, Brevard Co., Orlando, FL.


"The animation went a long way to bringing about this successful settlement."

- William Dammes, Manager Guest Claims, Walt Disney World Co.


"The quality of the presentation is outstanding."

- Lance McDonald, American Airlines, Dallas, TX


"I personally believe the animation was instrumental in persuading the Defendants to settle this case."

- Robert J. Fiore, Esq., Miami, FL


"Thanks to the time and effort of Eyewitness Animations and your experience, the computer animation provided for a trial that surpassed my expectations."

- Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Padowitz, Broward Co. FL


"Your animation model proved to be a highly successful demonstrative tool, and enabled the undersigned to obtain a favorable settlement in the case."

- Marcos Gonzalez, Esq., Miami, FL


"Your first class effort and the quality of the animation won a defense verdict from the jury."

- Wallace C. Magathan, Esq., Miami, FL

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